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The Lumeta default users are:

  1. admin - Always has the sysadmin role and superuser privileges
  2. manager - Performs the manager role for the default organization and manages the organization to which he/she belongs

These usernames (admin and manager) cannot be changed or deleted.

The Lumeta default roles are:

  1. Viewer - Read-only access to the Lumeta GUI
  2. Manager - Handles Lumeta-specific activities such as managing own organization, creating zones and collectors, assigning roles to users, subscribing to notifications, configuring dashboards
  3. SysAdmin - Cannot log in to the Lumeta GUI unless also given the Viewer role, the Manager role, or has been flagged as a superuser.

To limit the control of users you create:

  1. On the Lumeta GUI, navigate to Settings > Users.

  2. Select a user and then click Edit User.
  3. Change the values as needed:
    1. Username - This value comes from Lumeta's database and cannot be changed.
    2. Full Name - Correct the name associated with the username, if necessary.
    3. Password - Change the user's password here.
    4. API Key - Enable, disable, or change the API key associated with a user. 
    5. Role -  Click the check boxes to indicate which role or roles the user will perform.  Each user can have different role(s) depending on which organization is active.
  4. Click Update.
    The updated user attributes are saved.
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