Subscribing to the Asset Manager DXL Topic in SIA DXL Task Manager

The SIA DXL Task Manager is a utility on McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) that displays topics published to DXL and allows you to subscribe to topics.

  1. On the main menu of ePolicy Orchestrator browse to Menu > ThirdParty > SIA DXL Task Manager.

  2. Enter a product name and description such as Asset Manager DXL to add it to the Products list.

  3. Select Action > Subscribe to Topic.

  4. Select a topic such a /Asset Manager/service/spectre/device/discovered to display events from Asset Manager Spectre.

Once you have subscribed to a product and topic, you can display all of the device and system notifications you subscribed to in Asset Manager Spectre. Only notifications subscribed to on the Asset Manager Spectre CEF integration screen are pushed to the SIA DXL task manager. See Subscribing to Notifications for the procedure.

Following is a sample of the event details associated with the "device discovered" topic.