Exporting the DXL Broker Certificates (brokercerts.crt) from McAfee ePO

This procedure will enable you to export a brokercerts.crt file from ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server. This file later will used to configure the McAfee DXL Integration in Asset Manager. The file contains certificate information that allows DXL clients to mutually authenticate to brokers as required for the connection to be made.

To export the DXL Broker certificate information:

  1. On ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) server, navigate to Configuration > Server Settings and select the DXL Certificates setting on the left navigation bar.

  2. Click the Edit button in the lower right corner.

  3. Click the Export All button in the Broker Certificates section.

    The exported file, brokercerts.crt, is saved locally.
    You will use this brokercerts.crt file in the Configuring the McAfee DXL Integration in Asset Manager procedure.