Configuring the McAfee DXL Integration in Asset Manager

This integration enables Asset Manager to publish events to a McAfee DXL server.

This procedure requires . . .

  1. brokercerts.crt— See Exporting the DXL Broker Certificates (brokercerts.crt) from McAfee ePO for the procedure.
  2.— See Exporting the DXL Broker List (

To configure the McAfee DXL integration in Asset Manager, follow this procedure:

  1. From a supported browser, log in to Asset Manager.
  2. On the Asset Manager main menu, browse to Settings > Integrations > Other Solutions > McAfee DXL.
  3. Identify your organization's DXL Broker by completing the form (the screencap shows sample entries). Click Submit when you are ready to save your configuration.

    1. server_name – Identify your McAfee DXL Broker by name or IP address. (required)
    2. host_name – The host name or IP address of the broker (required)
    3. Upload the brokercerts.crt file from the local directory or temporary location to which you saved it. See Exporting the DXL Broker Certificates (brokercerts.crt) from McAfee ePO if you do not already have the file.
      1. brokercerts.crt contents
      2. brokercerts.crt example of contents
                a9b89a3e-1eb3-11e7-2cf7-005056825678=a9b89a3e-1eb3-11e7-2cf7-005056825678;8883;dxlbroker.Asset Manager;
    4. unique_brokerId – A unique identifier for the broker, used to identify the broker in log messages, etc. (optional). This information is located in the file which you can export from your ePO server. See Exporting the DXL Broker List ( for the procedure.
    5. port – The port of the broker. If the port is omitted it will defaulted to 8883.
  4. Slide the toggle button to On when you are ready to export events to DXL.
    The messages, "Configuration saved" and "Product configured properly" indicate that the applications have successfully connected.