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The Browse Historical option provides point-in-time snapshots of your network  taken according to a schedule you set.

There are two precursors to producing a snapshot-in-time report, the first of which was made optional in release 3.3.5 of Lumeta:

  1. OPTIONAL: Configure your email server on Lumeta.
  2. Create a schedule that specifies which report to generate for which zone, how frequently, and where the report should be delivered.

Once you have completed these preliminaries, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to Reports > Browse Historical.
  2. Click the Reports Filter icon.
  3. Select one or more reports you'd like included in the snapshot, then click Done.
  4. Click the Schedules Filter icon.
  5. Select the schedule or schedules that match how you'd like to run the report, then click Done.
  6. Set the start and end date and time, then click Apply Filter.
  7. On the scheduled date and time, the report(s) will be run and sent to the email address you specified in CSV format.




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