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FireMon is pleased to provide this overview of the new features and enhancements made for this Lumeta Enterprise Edition 4.5 release, which is recommended for all users. 

Lumeta Enterprise Edition 4.5

The upgrade file will soon be available in FireMon User Center > Downloads.
The supported upgrade path to Lumeta Command Center 4.5 is from the 4.3 and 4.4 versions.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading to Lumeta Enterprise Edition 4.5.

We recommend that you upgrade your Lumeta Enterprise Scouts when you upgrade your Command Center. However, Enterprise Scouts 4.3x and 4.4x are compatible with the 4.5 version of the Command Center. 


Migrate Zones

All of the back-end code that supports configuring Zones has been migrated to a state-of-the-art framework that makes the front-end GUI easier to read. 

New GUI of Lumeta 4.5 Zone Collectors 

Previous GUI of Lumeta 4.4 Zone Collectors 

VmWare ESXi hosts offer profiling data tied to every hosted VMs MAC address. When you use SNMP protocol from ESXi hosts in Lumeta, you can now improve the asset profiles by retrieving version information as highlighted in the examples below: 

  1. SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.6876. = STRING: "Linux 4.4.243-1.ph1 VMware Photon 1.0 Photon VMware Photon 1.0 "
  2. SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.6876. = STRING: "Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition, 64-bit  (Build 9600)"
  3. SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.6876. = STRING: "Linux 3.10.0-1160.31.1.el7.x86_64 CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)"

Randomize Targets 

The use of system resources increases sharply when millions of scan targets are configured at once. Typically this would occur when configuring a large number of targets via the API or by uploading a CSV of targets. To prevent this spike, we're providing customers with a query and an API call that will enable targets to be randomized across a rescan interval. That API call is at https://<command center>/api/rest/zone/<zone number>/randomize targets

  Sample API call:

curl -H "Content-Length: 0" -v -X POST -k -u admin:admin "https://yourcommandcenter/api/rest/zone/1/randomizeTargets"

SNMP Device Inventory

 Added phase 1 support to give Lumeta the capability to identify and gather information on the software and hardware inventory of SNMP speaking devices

DNS Error Handling

The DNS scanner interface now prompts users to delimit Internal DNS Servers entries with commas. Whitespace is automatically removed and error messages have been made more informative.

An entry like this is valid and would save without errors. 

Azure Resource Groups

In Cloud scanner, there's no longer a need to bulk-upload a list of resource groups. Instead, just leave the Resource Group field empty to accomplish the same objective. To upload just one Resource Group, specify it by name. 

Database Schema

The Lumeta 4.5 database schema shows a visual representation of the Lumeta database. 

CLI Commands

Though spare in appearance, the Lumeta CLI is a powerful interface. To administer your system via command-line interface, see System Administration via CLI.

Security Updates & STIG 

Lumeta 4.5 resolves Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) and incorporates a variety of security-related (and non-security-related) enhancements. See Security Advisories 4.5 for a list of CVEs resolved in this Lumeta 4.5 release. 

Change Log 


LUM-3154 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS

LUM-3246 - Add automation for Angular JS Zone UI


LUM-1104 - MacIP Should Not Enforce IP or MAC Validity

LUM-1923 - Support 32 bit ASNs in AS Path

LUM-3075 - Improve GUI experience around DNS "Internal DNS Servers" input box

LUM-3128 - Add the ability to scan Entity MIB from SnmpScanner

LUM-3132 - Rework the SNMP OID document after the dust settles on SNMP query changes

LUM-3155 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - GUI framework

LUM-3156 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Zone Collectors tab: view

LUM-3157 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Zone Networks tab: view

LUM-3158 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Zone Custom Attributes tab: view

LUM-3162 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Zone Collectors tab: view phase 2

LUM-3163 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Zones add/edit/delete

LUM-3164 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Collectors add/edit/archive

LUM-3165 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Collector configuration

LUM-3166 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Zone Networks configuration

LUM-3167 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Zone Custom Attributes configuration

LUM-3168 - Migrate Zones to AngularJS - Change system menu to point to new page

LUM-3205 - Sometimes cannot login to AWS instance

LUM-3219 - Warehouse table truncation should work even for tables with pre-created schemas

LUM-3228 - Use pg_dumpall to dump roles in addition to databases

LUM-3247 - Automate Zone CRUD

LUM-3254 - Add support for querying hrSWInstalled

LUM-3257 - Uptick 3rd-parties for 4.5

LUM-3273 - SPIKE - Work up implementation plan for bare-bones scheduler (script)

LUM-3283 - CLI for integration is (mostly) missing

LUM-3287 - Use SNMP from ESXi hosts to improve profiling

LUM-3298 - Compile our own virt-what RPM from source

LUM-3359 - Create API call to randomize targets across rescan interval

LUM-3367 - Force marked IPv4 packets to specific interface

LUM-3368 - Featured Request: To get data from Azure without adding Resource Groups in the creds tab..

LUM-3372 - Uptick 3rd-parties one more time for 4.5


LUM-2279 - Can't connect scout using its v6 ip address from CC GUI

LUM-2286 - Leak path discovery doesn't seem to work for IPv6

LUM-2567 - Rapid7 Integration Dashboard: Endpoint Context/Action link Opens Tab of Rapid7 URL with Default Port 3780

LUM-2925 - Zones | Config | When deleting and re-adding a zone of the same name, the zone is in an undetermined state and cannot be deleted

LUM-2976 - differences in observer and warehouse schemas between upgrade and netboot

LUM-3000 - processing of path response fails if the IP of the scanning interface is already in the device table

LUM-3042 - Fix the remainder of the Lumeta Systems modal dialogs

LUM-3173 - Feature Request: Add ability to connect scout to Command Center from Scout UI

LUM-3185 - CLI authentication commands are failing with a lumeta_sudoers: syntax error

LUM-3188 - Further Investigate and Resolve Possible Bug with Table Truncation

LUM-3196 - Risk Assessment -> Enterprise Risk Summary can be empty even when there is data

LUM-3199 - Dashboards | Widgets | 1st widget on Risk Assessment has a data column labeled Spectre

LUM-3202 - Current zone selection should obey GUI global current zone

LUM-3223 - Custom Attributes added via report/dashboard on an IP that is a child IP will not display in Device Details

LUM-3224 - Dashboard dropdown categories not populated when navigating to certain pages from Zones page.

LUM-3232 - Issue when going from static to DHCP configured interface address

LUM-3245 - CLI command to upload cloud credentials that was successful in 4.4 is failing in 4.5

LUM-3249 - Fix a few follow-up license installation oddities

LUM-3250 - DNS | Internal DNS Server | CLI | When adding multiple addresses, the config may not be saved correctly

LUM-3251 - Duplicate zone and collector name detection should skip Zone Security Filters

LUM-3252 - RPM mismatch on upgrade

LUM-3260 - GUI | Zone Configs | CIDR upload count seen in logs do not match actual count

LUM-3261 - CLI command to set dns internal server IP addresses doesn't accept muilple IPs like UI

LUM-3264 - Deleting the last zone should leave the GUI in a usable state

LUM-3265 - GUI | Zone Configs | Dropdowns w/ no pre-selected value have an empty row selection

LUM-3266 - Bug when receiving entPhysicalMfgDate or entPhysicalUris or entPhysicalUUID data

LUM-3267 - Cloud and WMI credentials can get provisioned without passwords/secrets

LUM-3268 - Zones/Path Discovery: Place Advanced Optional Configuration Use Custom TCP Ports under protocol list

LUM-3270 - 4.5 Zone UI: Leak Path allows to choose a interface already defined for collector

LUM-3271 - GUI | Zone Configs | Download button still downloads even when disabled

LUM-3280 - System Configuration | When adding an existing IP address of a remote system under "Available Systems", it corrupts the original connection

LUM-3282 - BGP password in clear text on 4.5 new zone setup

LUM-3309 - Fix spurious errors when deleting zones

LUM-3312 - Core Indices: Forwarding Device Summary Pie Chart. Device Types are jumbled overlayed

LUM-3324 - GUI | Profile | When disabling Profile discovery, status still shows enabled

LUM-3328 - Leak packets don't respect commanded interface

LUM-3330 - Allow ability to add more than 1 CIDR in new Angular Zone

LUM-3331 - system.macvendor table is empty in 4.5 netboot

LUM-3333 - warehouse saved query risk_assessement_query is different in upgrade and netboot

LUM-3336 - dns results shouldn't make a device "active"

LUM-3338 - "On Premises" widget is missing a column in 4.5 upgrade compared to netboot

LUM-3340 - error after upgrade and gui doesn't display

LUM-3350 - Maps | Group | "Expand All Attached Host" does not work a second time

LUM-3351 - Maps | Badges | Badge display issues after collapsing devices

LUM-3354 - with a zone with multiple collectors configured for BGP if the BGP Peers of one are deleted, all are

LUM-3355 - The GUI jumps around when clicking on the menu

LUM-3374 - entPhysical attribute is not removed with other snmpDetails attributes when receiving a NACK response

LUM-3375 - Device search on attributes isn't working

LUM-3376 - Phantom Host result

LUM-3379 - custom CA cert may cause httpd to fail

LUM-3385 - Cannot add new users if RADIUS is enabled

LUM-3387 - Reports | Schedule | Cannot create "Patterns Summary" report from Schedule Reports page

LUM-3403 - devices with IP as '::" are being created for broadcast scanner ndp protocol

LUM-3438 - Risk Assessment Dashboard, On Premises Widget has no data if one Integration table is truncated

LUM-3450 - 4.5 RC3 - Upgrade and netboot have differences in observer schema

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