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FireMon is pleased to provide this overview of the new features and enhancements made for this Asset Manager 4.7 release, which is recommended for all users. 

FireMon Asset Manager Edition 4.7

The upgrade file is now available in FireMon User Center > Downloads.
The supported upgrade path to Command Center 4.7 is from the 4.5 and 4.6 versions.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading Asset Manager. 

We recommend that you upgrade your Scouts whenever you upgrade your Command Center. However, Scouts 4.5x and 4.6x are compatible with the 4.7 version of the Command Center. 

Release Highlights


Lumeta has been rebranded to FireMon Asset Manager. The name Asset Manager speaks directly to its key use cases of real-time network discovery, identification, and threat detection. FireMon Asset Manager will help organizations maintain continuous security and compliance by providing a complete view of all their assets across hybrid, multi-cloud environments. 

Previous branding customizations will not be reapplied after the upgrade to FireMon Asset Manager 4.7. Contact for instructions on how to rebrand after upgrading.  

Tripwire Integration

We enhanced our existing Tripwire integration with the added ability for users to push discovered IP addresses to Tripwire to scan for vulnerabilities.

UI Refresh

In conjunction with the rebrand, we updated the graphical user interface while maintaining the familiar flow of the existing user experience.

Database Schema

The 4.7 database schema shows a visual representation of the database. 

CLI Commands

The Asset Manager CLI is a powerful hierarchical menu-driven interface which provides virtually all administrative functionality available in the browser interface.
To administer your system using command-line interface, see System Administration via CLI.

Security Updates & STIG 

4.7 resolves Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) and incorporates a variety of security-related (and non-security-related) enhancements. See Security Advisories 4.7 for a list of CVEs resolved in this release. 

Change Log 


LUM-1905 - Upgrade the Java development kit (JDK)


LUM-3446 - Properly handle proxy (query) timeouts in the GUI

LUM-3467 - Improve the color scheme slightly on the Asset Manager GUI

LUM-3685 - Warehouse: Add support for periodic statements against external data connections

LUM-3727 - 4.6 Release Activities

LUM-3744 - Warehouse: enhance SQL file inclusions in DDL

LUM-3748 - update config changes for next release

LUM-3754 - Get java-latest-openjdk-headless on the box

LUM-3762 - Improve Audit Log retrieval and display

LUM-3763 - License and upgrade modal should be informational (not alerting)

LUM-3769 - Handle 504: Gateway Timeout from DisruptOps more broadly

LUM-3782 - Implement Code Coverage checks for UI Automation

LUM-3786 - Uptick discovery to Java 17

LUM-3795 - Uptick lumeta-warehouse to Java 17+

LUM-3806 - Get up to date Adoptium JDK/JRE for observer-build and Asset Manager

LUM-3815 - Uptick the Apache Hive driver to 3.1.3

LUM-3818 - Use the temurin JRE to match the observer-build JDK

LUM-3819 - Update MACVENDOR etc. for 4.6

LUM-3857 - Do the equivalent of "yum update"

LUM-3858 - Uptick expat

LUM-3861 - Tweak Shell leak dashboard

[LUM-3873 - Upgrade Postgresql to 13.9 (or latest)

LUM-3886 - Replace login and upper left corner graphics

LUM-3888 - Change "Lumeta" to "FAM" in CLI

LUM-3889 - Replace "Lumeta" with "Asset Manager" in dashboards

LUM-3890 - Update the UI to replace "Lumeta" with "Asset Manager"

LUM-3893 - CloudScanner should not create devices where there are no IP addresses

LUM-3910 - Rebrand Lumeta in Manufacturing Scripts

LUM-3912 - Don't expire "NAT IP" attribute

LUM-3928 - Create an API to return short and long product name

LUM-3941 - Update /etc/issue

LUM-3955 - Uptick open-vm-tools

LUM-3956 - Rebrand post-install wizard


LUM-3732 - update "Leak by Direction" query so netboot and upgrade match.

LUM-3742 - the view cloud_instance_v' the column sumofrulerisks should be renamed since is no longer the sum

LUM-3743 - CloudMon_Security_Group_by_InstanceId query is returning multiple copies of the same data

LUM-3745 - Compare for saved queries are failing for 3 queries

LUM-3749 - 4.7 upgrade failing with error DuplicateKeyException: SavedQuery "observer"."managed"."Address Space Visualization"

LUM-3767 - Warehouse: cannot rename tables

LUM-3768 - unfriendly error is displayed when creating or updating a table with data that has extra columns

LUM-3781 - Reports | Metric widget doesn't respond, constant spinner

LUM-3789 - Upgrading a CC with no zones when go to zone page just get 2 loading spinners

LUM-3793 - Bluecat | Functionality | Regression Testing on GW 22.4.1

LUM-3796 - DOPS | Queries | cloud_instances_by_vpc_id query errors out

LUM-3798 - DOPS | Queries | CloudMon_Security_Group query errors out

LUM-3800 - Qualys | API | Integration not retrieving Network IDs

LUM-3801 - Fix InaccessibleObjectException in BGPScanner

LUM-3803 - Connections | Tables | Updating existing table keeps previous table configuration due to cache

LUM-3808 - Upgrade | Remove deprecated users groups

LUM-3809 - Qualys | API | Regression Testing on QG3 and BC

LUM-3817 - Qualys | API | Global Asset Group not created when no zones are selected

LUM-3847 - API call to "APIKey" fails, returns '500 Server Error'

LUM-3848 - CLI - user API key command is failing

LUM-3849 - CLI - Unsuccessful certificate ca install is issuing the wrong error message

LUM-3859 - Failure to decrypt system.feed fields should not abort the entire webapp startup flow

LUM-3869 - Connections | Edit | Firefox autofills blank username and password fields

LUM-3875 - GUI | License | Buttons outside of initial License Modal

LUM-3878 - Dashboards | Device Response Statistics | Last widget errors out with "Error: Unable to fetch query results. syntax error at or near "s""

LUM-3882 - Queries | integration_status | A "No such table "managed.feed"" error occurs

LUM-3907 - Shell reporting outbound leaks from 10/8

LUM-3917 - Update restore_system and restore_db to properly restore the "lum" schema

LUM-3930 - with 4.7 we are not getting any hostDiscovery results

LUM-3958 - IPv6 discovery not working

LUM-3962 - compare of warehouse.managed_table qualys_scanned_ips for netboot and upgrade is failing

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