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A "full install" is a completely new installation of Asset Manager, which means that any settings you may have from a previous Asset Manager installations will be overwritten. If you have custom configurations that you do not want to lose, upgrade your Asset Manager system rather than replacing it. Full installation packages are available in your company's folder in an OVA format, discussed ahead. This Deployment section will walk you through the process to install a Asset Manager Command Center and an Enterprise Scout on a virtual machine (VM). 

This following chart summarizes the

File FormatAudienceInstallation TypeLocation

VMware OVA

Customers and partnersFull InstallationFull installation packages can be downloaded from your company's sftp.Asset folder or the FireMon User Center.
Prospective customers and Proof of ConceptFree TrialProspective customers and POC evaluators can request a free trial version of the Asset Manager OVA by emailing Asset
Customers and partnersUpgradeCustomers and partners can download Asset Manager upgrades from the FireMon User Center. See the Release Notes for the information and procedures you'll need to upgrade from your current installation of Asset Manager software.

To expedite the installation of Asset Manager and enable you to produce actionable cybersecurity intelligence about your organization quickly, ensure the following:

  • You are a licensed user of Asset Manager
  • You will deploy a Asset Manager Command Center or Enterprise Scout to a virtual machine (VM)
  • You will initialize the system remotely via SSH; verify port 22 is open to the Asset Manager System
  • You will access the UI via browser; verify port 443/https is open to the Asset Manager System
  • You have login credentials to the SFTP site.
  • You know or can find out the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway for your host. 

If you do not meet these prerequisites because you are unlicensed, plan to install an Asset Manager appliance (rather than a virtual machine), plan to initialize the system via a console (rather than over SSH), lack login credentials or access to other essential network address information, please contact us for assistance.  

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