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Asset Manager provides four different types of attributes:

Kind of Attributes

1NativeNative, out-of-the-box attributestarget, trusted, known, dnsname, ASnametruefalsefalse
2DiscoveredAttributes that get inserted as part of device processingsysDesc, cifsName, sysNamefalsefalsefalse
3Zone-levelZone-level custom labelsOften used to configure locations by CIDR (usEast, usWest, EMEA)falsetruefalse
4Device-levelDevice-level custom labels for devices at the granular levelcustomA, customB, customCfalsetruetrue

To learn about zone- and device-level custom device attributes, watch this demo. For the best playback quality in YouTube, please choose HD quality playback (Settings > Quality > HD).

Adding Device Attributes

Device-level attributes can be added in bulk, or input manually.

To add one or several attributes to particular devices you select, Asset Manager recommends that you use the form.

Device-Level Attributes

Asset Manager supports an individual device having multiple attribute values for the same attribute name. For example, a single "Location" attribute, can have multiple attribute values associated with it:

  •      Location = US
  •    Location = New York
  •  Location = 1 Penn Plaza

Attempting to create an attribute that already exists as a different kind may yield inconsistent behavior. For example . . .

  • Adding a Zone-level attribute with the same name as an existing native or discovered attribute appears to succeed but the new attribute does not show up on the Zones | Custom Attributes screen (which is filtered to show userDefined attributes only)
  • Adding a Zone-level attribute with the same name as an existing Device-level attribute results in hybrid behavior (you can seeming edit the Zone-level attribute on the Device Details page).

Enhancements to this are planned for development.

Automatic CIDR Correction

In Asset Manager 3.3.4 and later releases, invalid CIDRs are made valid upon import to the Asset Manager system. If you were to upload a text (.txt) file of custom attributes including the CIDR "" the Asset Manager system would automatically change it to "".

Select Capability

Custom attribute lists show checkboxes. To select all in a range, Click the first record, then SHIFT+Click the last record in the range. Press CTRL+Click to clear any checkboxes in the range.


Maps can be highlighted by custom attribute and support having multiple values for the same attribute. See Grouping & Highlighting by Custom Attribute for more. 

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