User Admin FAQs

If a user needs access to all zones, view only, what access would they need?
 This user would need the "Viewer" role for each organization.

A user has admin right access, why can't that user see all zones?
Assuming the user has the "SysAdmin" role, this role is focused on managing the Asset Manager appliance. It does not provide view access.

Is there any conflict or issue with multiple users logging into the same CC at the same time, under the default admin account?
This is not recommended as a standard operation as there is no individual accountability in such a process. As to conflict, the only area where there would be an issue is around the map. The map automatically saves changes for the user. This means that if User Bob goes to the map, moves stuff around, and makes certain display choices; these get saved. Bob then goes off duty, and Mary logs in. Mary goes to the map and makes changes. Mary goes off duty, Bob logs in, goes to the map and the map is different than what he expects from his last save because Mary's (more recent) choices have overwritten Bob's.