Trellix ePO Integration

The Trellix ePO integration provides ePO customers with a way to ensure that the ePO agent is installed comprehensively on all network devices in a particular segment (or multiple segments) as intended.  The integration reconciles Trellix findings with Asset Manager findings and in so doing, uncovers:

  1. Assets lacking the Trellix ePO agent, which show up in Asset Manager-only dashboard widgets and in the Trellix ePO console.
  2. Assets to which visibility is blocked, which show up in Trellix-only dashboards widgets and in the Trellix ePO console.
  3. Assets with comprehensive management, which show up in both Trellix and Asset Manager dashboards widgets and in the Trellix ePO console. A Trellix user with read-only permissions for the following parameters will be able to configure and use in this integration:
    • Queries & Reports
    • Software
    • Software Manager 
    • System Tree Access

Asset Manager accomplishes this by fetching Trellix ePO-managed data, comparing it to Asset Manager-discovered data within the same network space, and then pushing the findings back to the ePO server. This ensures on a continual basis that ePO has the complete set of networks and devices to manage.

Contact your TAM for the latest Asset Manager Extension for Trellix EPO.

You can also email and request the Asset Manager Extension.  Please Provide your Asset Manager Version and EPO Version in the ticket.