Real-Time Notifications

With Real-Time Notifications, you can send an alert message to yourself or any number of designated recipients when an event-of-interest occurs. You can send the message via an email message or a text message, and you can choose to send either the complete set of messages to which you're subscribed, or a filtered subset of them.

There are three precursors to issuing real-time notifications :

  1. Configure your email server on Spectre so that the system can send messages.
  2. Subscribe to notifications. You can only receive real-time notifications about events to which you've already subscribed.
  3. Review the "rules of the road" before continuing.

Once you have completed these preliminaries, proceed as follows:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Real-Time Notifications.

  2. Click the Device Notifications tab. 

  3. Select the Device Notifications you would like to receive.
    Learn how in about 1 minute. (To play the demo in "full screen" mode, click the Expand icon in the lower right-hand corner of the player.)

  4. Return to Real-Time Notifications and this time click the System Notifications tab.

  5. Select the System Notifications you would like to receive.
    The following demo (click link) shows how:
    Subscribing to Real-Time System Nofifications

  6. Real-time notifications on device and system events are delivered to recipients as email or text attachments.

Rules of the Road for Real-time Notifications

  1. You can only receive real-time notifications about events to which you've already subscribed.

    With the settings above, for example, you would not be able to receive real-time notifications about device activity, but would be able to receive (and would also be able to choose not to receive) real-time notifications when a device is discovered.

    Notice that the event name Device Activity is absent from the list of available notifications, above. This is because Device Activity is an event to which the user had not subscribed.

  2. To receive ALL subscribed event notifications, select Check All in each column.  :
    This tells Spectre . . .
    1. In all Zones, and . . .
    2. Irrespective of Priority . . .
    3. Send all Notifications

  3. To send event notifications as a text message rather than an email message, enter the destination address to the Recipient List field in the  the format <number>@<provider_address>.

  4. When creating the list of events to send, three buttons are available to help you manipulate the list:
    1. Replace - Overwrites the existing event notifications
    2. Append -  Adds the new event notifications to the existing ones
    3. Remove -  Removes the event notifications

  5. Be sure to click one of these blue buttons (i.e., Replace, Append, or Remove) before committing your changes with Save Changes. Otherwise, the list of notifications will be dismissed and none of your changes will go into effect.