Profile Pattern Builder

Introduced in 4.9, The Profile Pattern Builder interface is a new way to analyze profileable data and create custom profile patterns based on any device attribute in an easy-to-use interface.

Click here to watch the Profile Pattern Builder overview video. 

About Profile Patterns

The five elements of a profile pattern are:

  • Device type
  • Vendor
  • Model
  • OS
  • OS version

A device's Device Profile page provides insight as to how a specific device was profiled based on the five elements. 

The first 12 columns are about the device and how it is profiled in Asset Manager. 

Using Profile Pattern Builder

Click Settings > Device Profile Patterns > Profile Pattern Builder on the Asset Manager toolbar to open Profile Pattern Builder. The page will display a list of assets that have at least one field of profileable information.

Pattern Builder Mode 

  1. Enter an expression in the Matching Expression field, select a specific source, and click Apply.

    • An expression needs to be a case-sensitive POSIX PostgreSQL regular expression that will be applied to discovery data to filter devices. 
    • A device's expression can be found on the Device Details > Device Profile > Expression. 
    • A pattern can only be built based on a single source.

  2. Click Enter Pattern Builder Modeto build and save more refined patterns.
  3. Enter the known data to build a pattern based on Vendor, Device Type, Model, OS, and OS Version
  4. For each element, enter a numerical Confidence level of 0-100 (the higher the number, the more certain of a match). 
  5. Click Save and Apply Pattern
  6. Click OK on the results dialog box to continue.

Export the Profile Pattern

  1. After you have completed your search, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Export icon.  
  2. Select the type export output type, and click Export
  3. The file will automatically download.