Manager Role

Concerned with Asset Manager-specific details.

  • Manages own organization
  • Creates zones and collectors
  • Assigns roles to users
  • Subscribes to notifications
  • Configures dashboards

Manager can access GUI for the following functionality:

  • Can modify users – can ONLY edit the roles of a user.
  • Can add/modify/delete zones

  • Can add/modify collectors (and all its sub functionality)

  • Can configure notifications

  • Can not configure CEF notifications

  • Can view reports, maps and zones

Manager can access the following commands in CLI:

  • certificate – cannot see
  • collector – all subcommands
  • Asset Manager – can only view help,history,logout,top commands this is because in GUI, Manager role can not configure connect/disconnect systems
  • log – cannot run any log commands. Even if you run, it generates an error.
  • organization list
  • role - all subcommands (list, users) 
  • system {hardware_id, type, version, interface list}
  • user – ALL except superuser subcommand.
  • zone - all subcommands