Licensing Terminology

Active IPs
IPs from which Asset Manager recently received a response.

A device may have more than one IP associated with it. We say that these IPs have been "consolidated" to a reference IP which is the IP used to, in most cases, refer to the device with which the IPs are associated.

Inactive IPs
IPs from which Asset Manager has not received a response in the last 3 scans.

License IP Count Exceeded
If the total number of distinct IP addresses for all zones is greater than the number in your license agreement, then the Licensed IP Count is Exceeded. The IP count includes both active and inactive devices. Devices that have aged out of the database because they have been inactive for a week or more are not included in the License IP Count. If an IP address appears in multiple zones, it is counted as one IP address, even if it is associated with different devices.

Total IPs
All distinct IPs. This includes the IP addresses found in a device's interface table. Asset Manager license calculations include all unique cloud credentials including those associated with CloudVisibility, Cloud Discovery and all collectors––including those archived or disabled.

Total Accounts
Licenses are limited by number of accounts and instances (Azure + AWS). 
The counts are cumulative across AWS and Azure (e.g., a 100 account maximum would be reached 30 AWS accounts + 70 Azure accounts. Asset Manager license calculations include all unique cloud accounts including those associated with archived and disabled zones. Users will not be able to apply a new license to an existing system when the account maximum specified in the license is less than the number of accounts already associated with the system.