Configuring the Trellix ePO Integration in Asset Manager

An Asset Manager superuser can configure connectivity between the Asset Manager Command Center and the Trellix ePO server as follows:

  1. Log in to Asset Manager as a superuser.

  2. On the main menu, browse to Settings > Integrations > Trellix.

  3. Complete the configuration form, including Polling Interval, Trellix Server Name, Username and Password, and then click Submit.

    Field Description
    Polling Interval How often (in hours) that Asset Manager should poll ePO for information
    Server Name The Server name or IP address of the ePO server. 
    Username Your ePO username
    Password Your ePO password
  4. Enable the integration by toggling the Active control from red to green. The message "Product configured properly" displays when the Trellix ePO has been successfully configured. 

    1. The Asset Manager Extension installs on your ePO server. See How to Confirm Installation for more.

    2. Results populate the ePO Integration dashboard.

  5. Confirm this by browsing in your Asset Manager UI to Dashboards > Integrations >ePO Management.