BlueCat Plugin Download & Installation

Asset Manager fetches BlueCat-managed addresses, compares them to Asset Manager-discovered addresses within the same network space, and then pushes the differences back to the BlueCat Address Manager. This is done on a continual basis and ensures that BlueCat Address Manager has an authoritative set of IP addresses to manage.

Play this video to learn how how to install the plug-in.  For the best viewing, expand the player to full screen and in Settings, select Auto 1080p HD as the playback quality.  


Alternatively, you can use the this installation procedure:

  1. Speak with your TAM or email and obtain the Asset Manager Workflow plugin.
  2. Save the plugin file to your local directory.
  3. Log in to your BlueCat Gateway server.
  4. On the Workflow Management page, in the Available Actions column, select Workflow Management.
  5. At the bottom of the page, select Choose File.
  6. Browse to and select the workflow file you saved locally, then click Import.
  7. Select Asset Manager_workflow and then Workflow Permissions.
  8. Select Asset Manager_workflow and then in the Pages section, Asset Manager_workflow_page().
  9. Add two new group names: admin and all.

    The Asset Manager workflow plugin and workflow permissions are successfully added.