About the Superuser Flag

The superuser flag:

  • Allows a user to oversee the entire Asset Manager system
  • Enables oversight of all zones
  • Must be associated with at least one user
  • Cannot be deleted
  • Is assigned via the CLI only
  • Is not visible on the GUI

Only a superuser can:

  • Create users
  • Add the first user to an organization
  • Add every user to an organization
  • See the Support menu option
  • Grant superuser status to another user

The default user “admin” comes with superuser privileges, regardless of the role specified in the GUI.

Superusers and the Asset Manager Portal

Superusers can add user accounts to the Portal from its GUI or CLI.  Superusers cannot, however, add user accounts to Command Centers from the Portal GUI or CLI interfaces. Portal users have View-only access when they switch to the Command Center context.