About Cloud Scanner & CloudVisibility

When Asset Manager Enterprise Edition 3.3.3 was introduced, there was some overlap in the capabilities of Cloud Discovery (aka Cloud Scanner) and the Cloud Scout. For Asset Manager Enterprise Edition release, our Asset Manager development team has worked toward making these capabilities distinct. This page provides guidance on which discovery method will best fit your environment. 

Choosing a Cloud Discovery Method

IF you want . . . THEN use . . . Pros Cons

Instance Details such as . . .

  1. Full visibility into an AWS-hosted Cloud Network
  2. To install a Cloud Scout to your AWS Cloud
Cloud Scout
  • Provides more data
  • Identifies risks in a cloud environment.
Must install both a Command Center and a remote Cloud Scout

Device Details such as . . .

  1. Limited visibility into an AWS-hosted or Azure-hosted Cloud Network (limited to whatever the AWS- or Azure-provided APIs provide)
  2. To install only an Asset Manager Enterprise Command Center (and not instantiate any Asset Manager systems in the cloud)
Cloud Discovery (aka Cloud Scanner)
  • Return inventory information about instances from AWS
  • Returns results with just a local Command Center
  • Provides less data
  • Uses a subset of the API calls that Cloud Scouts use
  • Does not identify risks in a cloud environment.